Who can use Lounge MELT?

Everyone. Students from all departments, teachers, extension center students etc.
You don't need to be a member of the Chinese Club or English Club to use MELT.

What can I do in MELT?

Talk in English or another foreign language
Have a coffee or tea
Watch a DVD / listen to a CD
Use the iPad and iMac
Read a graded reader
Study (if you like to study somewhere loud!)
Play a game (Cards, Jenga etc.)
Play the guitar, make music
Have lunch
Make friends

What is MELT Annex?

Lounge MELT is a full of buzzing conversation and music. MELT Annex is a quieter space for more focused study.

In Annex you can:
Study in a quiet zone (e.g. for IELTS, Eiken or TOEIC)
Use Japanese to talk about study, grammar, or how to learn
Book the 'Deskless study' booth for recording/listening/reading/dreaming
Book a booth to rehearse your presentation or recitation with a mirror
Book the 'Customizable' booth for quiet study
Have a solo/group sessionwith a Learning Adviser

How do I book an Annex booth?

You need to book to use the booths. Click Annex booths to book.

What are the benefits of going to MELT?

Students who come to MELT regularly become more fluent and gain confidence in speaking and listening. They also get to make friends with other students who enjoy speaking in a foreign language, becoming part of a friendly, international community. Students who have lived overseas often come to the lounge to prevent their language skills from deteriorating.

Students who get study support find it easier to achieve their goals.

If I come to MELT, do I have to speak?

Not at all!

The idea behind Lounge MELT is that you are surrounded by English, just as you would be if you were in a cafe in Australia or Canada or any other English-speaking country. Some students just come and watch and listen. After a while, they might start saying just a greeting. Or they might understand some jokes and laugh. Gradually they understand more, and start joining in the conversations. Over time, they become more and more confident, make more friends and may even become the center of the community!

Students naturally go from “peripheral participation” to “light participation” to “full participation.” They do this at their own pace. There is no pressure! It’s fine to enjoy MELT from the sidelines until you feel ready to join in more.

When can I use MELT and MELT Annex?

8 am~8 pm weekdays, 8 am~ 5pm Saturdays.

Where is MELT?

Building 6, 1F. Facing the elevator.