Learning Advisers

Kae is a learning adviser. She is from Japan. She can help you in Japanese. She works (during the semester) Mondays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Alexandra is an adviser from the US. Alexandra is in the lounge (during the semester) on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and lunchtimes.

Ed is a part-time lecturer here at Shotoku, who also advises in MELT on Wednesday afternoons (during the semester). He is from Brazil.

Sai can also give you learning support and advice. She is from Japan and has experience working as a translator. She works (during the semester) Tuesday afternoons until 5, and Thursday and Friday 10~12:00. During the vacations, she is available Tuesday and Thursdays, from 10 am to 1 p.m.

Joseph is a learning adviser. He can help you with English. He works (during the semester) Thursday and Friday afternoons.

You can book a solo/group session with a learning adviser. With an adviser, you can do independent study (including just conversation), class-related study (such as helping you fix errors on your essay), or make a personal learning plan. Teachers may sometimes refer you to a learning adviser if you have missed several classes and need to catch up.

Lunchtime Conversation

(During the semester only)

On Mondays Kae will be in the lounge for English conversation.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Alexandra will be in the lounge for English conversation.

On Thursdays and Fridays Joseph will be in the lounge for English conversation.

Student Volunteer Staff

Lounge MELT is supported by student volunteer staff. The staff make sure that everyone speaks English or Chinese or any language other than Japanese! They also make the room comfortable by putting on background music, watering the plants, making sure there is hot water for making tea and so on. They know how to play all the games on the shelves and are happy to give newcomers a tour of the lounge. The staff are all students with strong English and / or Chinese communication skills, so they can help support your conversations.

If you would like to join the staff team, please register for "英語ボランティア活動" Monday 3rd period, 1 credit, or talk to Clair Taylor in the Foreign Language Department. There is a training program at the start of each academic year, and you can earn a credit for this work. You can find Clair in her office (6522) or send an email.

Clair's email address: taylor@gifu.shotoku.ac.jp


Clair Taylor: taylor@gifu.shotoku.ac.jp