2010~ The Department of Foreign Languages set up the English and Chinese Lounge for students and faculty to talk together in English and Chinese.

2012~ Department of Foreign Languages faculty member Clair Taylor uses Research Funds to remodel the lounge, creating a team of student volunteers.

2013~ Department of Foreign Languages faculty member Clair Taylor set up this webpage and used research funds to develop the lounge.

2013 (June) ASEAN 10 scholars enjoy a tea party in the lounge as part of their visit.

2014~ The Department of Foreign Languages fund professional staff to work in the lounge 15 hours per week.

2014 (April) ASEAN scholars from Malaysia visit the lounge.

2015~ Tandem learning activity (Teletandem) is launched, set up by Department of Foreign Languages faculty member Clair Taylor.

2016~ English Volunteer Activity (in which students staff the lounge and organize events) becomes a credit-bearing activity.

2016~ Department of Foreign Languages write a plan to improve the lounge with renovations and an ongoing budget for staff and resources such as magazines. This becomes a Department of Foreign Languages Special Project. The lounge has a new look, with a glass front, and carpeted floors, and it is given a new name: Lounge MELT (Maximum English Learning Together). The students chose this name because it shows the warmth of the lounge and the importance of community, and also because the lounge is a melting pot in which students and faculty from all departments mix together. MELT has staff between 10am and 5pm every day, term time.

2017 (May) Teletandem partner Professor Adelia Peña Clavel from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) visits MELT.

2018 (June) Teletandem partner Professor Noriko Fujioka-Ito from the University of Cincinnati visits MELT.

2019~ Teletandem activity continues to grow, and at the request of the Department of Foreign Languages, the university provides a budget to staff the MELT during the vacations to run teletandem.

2019~ MELT Instagram begins!

2019 (June) “Let's Talk Japanese in MELT!” Lunchtime event for international students from Hotsuma International School Gifu and GSGU students to interact in simple Japanese.

2020~ Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual MELT and advising is set up.

2020~ The Department of Foreign Languages write a plan to renovate an empty room next to MELT to create MELT Annex, a quiet study area, designed by faculty members Clair Taylor and Jun Nagao. Annex opens! The Department of Foreign Languages fund an iMac and other furniture for Annex.

2021~ Japanese-Chinese tandem exchange starts with a new partnership with Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China.

2021~ “Japanese Conversation Corner” starts. This is a regular event in which GSGU students interact online with students in Tianjin Foreign Studies University.

2021 (June) “Let's make friends in Japanese!” First Zoom exchange meeting between the international students studying at Sakura Japanese Language School and GSGU students, which becomes a regular activity.

2022~ Multilingual MELT starts. Short, lunchtime sessions in French and other languages.


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Original Lounge

Original Lounge

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Lounge 2012

Lounge 2012

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